Welcome To North Korea

Welcome To North Korea

The victor of the 2001 International Emmy recompense for Best Documentary, Welcome to North Korea is an unusually strange take a gander at the very genuine conditions in advanced North Korea.

Dutch producer Peter Tetteroo and his partner Raymond Feddema spent a week in and around the North Korean capital of Pyongyang – plentiful time to speak to the starvation and hardship harrowing a decent divide of the populace, and to counterbalance such “contemporary” symbolism as autos and open offices with the obvious nonuse of these trappings.

As the movie producers uncover, the North Koreans have no chance to contrast their presence and that of the outside world, because of the close aggregate cutoff of news and free transportation. The one overwhelming element of this persecuted country is showed in the scores of statues, models, and notable works of art of North Korea’s Communist despot Kim Jong II, who has gone to awesome and once in a while heartless lengths to persuade his subjects that he has acquired supernatural forces from his just as “perfect” father, the late Kim II Sung (whose preserved body still lies in state, à la Lenin).

Were this not very horrendously genuine, Welcome to North Korea could without much of a stretch go as a peculiar children’s story, out Grimm-ing anything found in Grimm. The film made its American TV debut by means of the Cinemax link system on March 18, 2003.

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